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We’re looking for the right mix of skills to add to our Farm Connex delivery service. If you have a passion for helping farmers expand their market opportunities, are a skilled driver and excited about participating in the local agricultural movement we’d love to hear from you!  

Position: Farm product Delivery Driver

Reports to: Farm Connex General Manager 

Hourly Compensation: $18.50/hr, dependent on experience 


The Center for an Agricultural Economy (CAE) is a not-for-profit organization, which works to build a  local, healthy, regenerative food system in the greater Hardwick area and beyond. Through education,  outreach, infrastructure, and technical services, the CAE uses partnership and collaboration to achieve a  food system that can support working lands and working people. The CAE owns and operates multiple Food Hub enterprises including the Vermont Food Venture Center; a food-processing facility, and Farm Connex a farm and food product delivery service operating in 12 Vermont Counties and New Hampshire. The CAE employs at-will employees and Management reserves the right to assign other duties as required to insure efficient operations. 


Our Farm Connex delivery service supports farms across Vermont by delivering their products to over 200 market locations on a weekly basis. The service works with over 60 farms and producers. 

Summary of Position: The Farm product Delivery Driver role is a critical position for the aggregation, organization, and delivery of farm products to market destinations. This position will work directly with:  

∙ Farm Connex General Manager 

∙ Farm Connex Warehouse Manager 

∙ Five Farm Connex Delivery Drivers 

∙ Producers and farm partners 

∙ Receivers and sales associates

The position is full-time (up to 40+ hours/week) and is primarily expected to be on the road fulfilling routes four or five days per week. 

Essential duties of the Delivery Driver position include:

Drive daily routes to deliver products to regional markets and pick up products from producers:

Picking orders in an efficient manner. 

Loading trucks as needed to maintain efficiency and safety of product.

Making deliveries and ensuring perishable products are delivered in the appropriate manner.

Coordinating product pickups.

Reliable and frequent communication with General Manager and Warehouse Manager. 

As needed, assistance in warehouse or in distribution tasks, such as packing, moving product, assisting on route delivery, etc.

Knowledge of basic food safety and handling guidelines. 

Availability for early morning shifts to ensure products are at their destination for customer receiving hours.  

Customer service engagement:

Maintain the highest level of customer service and professionalism with producers and receivers 

Communicate regularly with General Manager and Warehouse Manager to report any potential issues.  


Respond to direct operational needs:

Collaborate with staff when unexpected requests or issues arise to resolve them in a collaborative and timely manner 

Pitch-in as needed (warehouse operations troubleshooting, product aggregation, order picking, truck loading, pickup/delivery, paperwork filing, etc.)


Please send your resume, and a letter of interest with contact information for three references to jobs@hardwickagriculture.org