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Farm Connex Delivery Driver

We’re looking for the right mix of skills to add to our Farm Connex delivery service. If you have a passion for helping farmers expand their market opportunities, are a skilled driver and excited about participating in the local agricultural movement we’d love to hear from you!  

Position: Farm Connex Delivery Driver

Reports to: Farm Connex General Manager 

Schedule: 40 hours per week with possibility of overtime hours

Compensation: Hourly rate starting at $20.50+; Non Exempt/full time/permanent position


The Center for an Agricultural Economy (CAE), based in Hardwick, VT, seeks a Farm Connex Delivery Driver. This is a year round position that is crucial to our day-to-day operations for Farm Connex, CAE’s dynamic and expansive distribution program.  Farm Connex provides cold-chain freight service for farmers and food producers who may be “too small” or “too rural” to access other distribution channels. Farm Connex headquarters is physically based in Hardwick, where its operation spans 6 days per week, and up to 20 hours each day. As a Farm Connex driver, you will be part of a team operating our fleet of 5 delivery vehicles in service to our 21+ weekly routes, aggregating and delivering local products in 13 of 14 counties within the state of Vermont and in some adjoining areas of western New Hampshire. 



Distribution & logistics ( 70%)
Operate medium duty refrigerated vehicles (safely) on our 21+ delivery routes
Pick up orders & delivery of perishable products in a safe & appropriate manner
AM loading and PM unloading of trucks as needed to maintain efficiency of limited warehouse space and safety of product
Maintain accurate and organized daily delivery records
Maintain reliable, frequent communication with managers on duty
As needed, provide assistance in the warehouse or on other distribution tasks, such as packing, moving product, assisting on route delivery, etc.
Responsible for vehicle status reports & daily vehicle needs as coordinated by General Manager
Perform early morning shifts to ensure products are at their destination for customer receiving hours.
Ability to independently perform job responsibilities in a variety of weather conditions
Ability to proficiently handle fragile food products such as eggs and glass bottles
Knowledge of basic food safety and handling guidelines

Customer service engagement (20%)
Maintain the highest level of customer service with producers and receivers
Communicate regularly with all the members of the Farm Connex team to report any potential issues or needs of producers

Respond to direct operational need (10%)
Adhere to all safety protocols (ex: OSHA, VT Dept of Health, CAE safety protocols)
Adhere to all state and federal laws
Collaborate with staff when unexpected requests or issues arise to resolve them in a collaborative and timely manner
Pitch-in as needed (warehouse operations troubleshooting, product aggregation, order picking, truck loading, pickup/delivery, paperwork filing, etc.)

For more information and to apply, please find the full job posting below. 

Farm Connex Delivery Driver