Our Impact

Our Vision:

An equitable food and agricultural economy has created empowered, interdependent communities with shared mutual goals, within our greater Hardwick region, that are socially and economically thriving, and contribute to a vital ecological future.

Our Role:

We are a living laboratory for a working, interdependent rural food system. We take risks, we initiate change, and we form partnerships so that our stakeholders have voice and agency within the new food system

In 2017 we have begun a Theory of Change and planning process with our staff and board. This work will inform both the growth of our programs, and the evaluation of our success towards our vision. We believe that the following conditions are necessary for our vision to be reached:

  1. Food System Businesses have Resources and Infrastructure to Thrive
  2. People in our Region are Skilled and Inspired to Participate in Local Food Systems
  3. Policies Support Values of Local Economies and Social and Environmental Justice
Bunches of Radishes in a garden bed