Food Justice

We organize and amplify the voices of those impacted by injustice in order to move toward greater food sovereignty in the Northeast Kingdom.

Kids moving a garden bed they built at Atkins Field

Grow Your Own

The mission of Grow Your Own is to increase food independence, better health and well-being through shared knowledge and experience. The project offers workshops taught by neighbors that focus on gardening, cooking, and food preservation. 

Upcoming Workshops: 

Kombucha Making!

Jars of kombucha, a fermented tea beverage, sitting on a shelf

When: Saturday 2/24/24 from 1:30pm-3:30pm (preregistration required)
Where: The Hardwick Health Center

Are you CURIOUS about KOMBUCHA? Our next Grow Your Own workshop will be focused on how (and why) to make this tasty fermented beverage at home. It’s easier than you may think. This workshop is for everyone from beginning or aspiring kombucha makers to those who are familiar with the process and looking for inspiration and/or some new recipes to try out at home!

In case you’re not already familiar with kombucha: It is a fermented beverage made from tea which can be flavored with lots of different ingredients to match your preferences and palate.
If you like kombucha and drink it often, you’re probably aware that buying it can become an expensive habit…so making your own at home can be both fun and a way to help you save $!

In this workshop, we’ll cover:
-The history and benefits of kombucha (& other fermented foods)
-The basic supplies needed (you likely already have most or all of them!)
-Kombucha FAQs & SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast or ‘mother’) maintenance at home
-Kombucha sampling & taste test (2 different flavors/types)
-Brainstorm of recipe ideas & flavor combinations

But most importantly: Together we’ll walk through the process of how to make a gallon of kombucha from start to finish. Hayley Williams will lead this workshop and promises it’s easier than you think! This workshop is open to all (including kids) but we ask that you pre-register by February 22 as space is limited. Final note for anyone who plans to attend this workshop: Please bring your own (quart) mason jar & lid if you’d like to go home with a SCOBY to bring home to start your fermentation adventures!

 Grow Your Own is a project of the Hardwick Area Food Pantry and the Center for an Agricultural Economy. The mission of Grow Your Own is to increase food independence, better health and wellbeing through shared knowledge and experience. Workshops are always free. Donations are gratefully accepted online when you register. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Hayley at:  


What People Are Saying

"Awesome fun!"      "Very encouraging to try new ideas!" 

  "Great workshop!"      "Great info! Love the hands-on work."

  "Best workshop yet! I'm excited about bucket gardening now!"

"Learned a lot. First time veg gardener."                     

 "Loving the workshops! Keep them going!" 

Grow Your Own is a collaboration among CAE, the Hardwick Area Food Pantry, and Wonder Arts. It involves a steering committee of dedicated community volunteers.

Interested in joining Grow Your Own or learning more? Membership and workshops are free and open to the public, and children are welcome. For more information, contact Heather Davis, executive director at the Hardwick Area Food Pantry or CAE Community Programs Manager Bethany Dunbar.

Pies for People

Pies for people is written over an image of a pie.

Each November, our annual Pies for People event brings together volunteers and gleaned local produce in the spirit of sharing the bounty of the harvest. 2023 marks 15 years of Pies for People!!! Each fall volunteers make more than 100 pies from gleaned squash - donated by High Mowing Organic Seeds. This project is a part of Grow Your Own, and a collaboration between the Hardwick Area Food Pantry (HAFP) and CAE. The pies go to our neighbors at the pantry, schools, and nursing homes in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

In 2023 the community is making 300 pies, and they can be dropped off at any of the HAFP sites. 

Drop off pies by November 13 at the Hardwick Area Food Pantry.

Drop off pies on November 18 at the Albany location.

Drop off pies on November 21 at the Craftsbury location.


To join the effort or learn more, visit: 

Pies For People

Pies for People

Produce to Pantries

Local food networks are nimble, flexible, and adaptive, this allows them to meet the needs of the community in ways larger, centralized systems cannot. The pandemic has illuminated many ways that the industrial food system doesn’t work to feed and nourish everyone. After participating in the national USDA Farmers to Families Food Box programs in 2020, we asked, “How can we localize this effort? Can we use our existing relationships and infrastructure to involve local small-scale farmers and our local pantries to meet the needs of our communities?”

The answer is Produce to Pantries, a partnership between the CAE and the Hardwick Area Food Pantry (HAFP). We buy produce from local farms, which is distributed at HAFP’s three sites in Hardwick, Albany, and Craftsbury. Not only does this get quality, locally-grown produce to more households - we intentionally seek small-scale and emerging farm partners to build equity among small farmers in our area. It is truly an example of neighbors feeding neighbors, and communities looking out for each other.

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