Place-Based Education

Our partnership with the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union (1100 students in six schools), focuses on strengthening and expanding place-based and food systems education.

Video: Cooking Up Community: Connection, Discovery & Joy through Place Based Education. By Elizabeth Rossano Films

We work closely with various stakeholder groups to bring local and regional resources to bear in support of these efforts. Strengthening school/community connections is a cornerstone of this work and key to a sustainable cultural shift toward improved education, community health, and economic vitality. 

Project areas include:

  • Advocacy and support for expanding local food procurement in values-based school meals programs
  • Curating professional development opportunities for teachers and staff
  • Collaborations with school leaders to do visioning and strategic planning work
  • Connecting teachers to community resources (farm field trips, internship opportunities, etc.)
  • Expanding opportunities for youth entrepreneurship and workforce development 
  • Building systems for evaluating and communicating the impact and value of place-based learning in the OSSU

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