Grow Your Own Workshop | Dehydrating Foods


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Atkins Field Pavilion (100 Granite St, Hardwick)

On July 27, Carol Fairbank of Broadfork Farm in Greensboro will lead a workshop at the Atkins Field Pavilion on dehydrating foods as a method of preserving them, with taste tests.

There are more ways to preserve the harvest than canning and freezing! If you haven’t tried your hand at dehydrating food, we welcome you to come and learn how. Humans have been drying food for generations without any fancy equipment or even kitchen space. In this workshop, we’ll explore a variety of ways to dry foods with or without a dehydrator, including tips and tricks to get the best results for fruits, vegetables, meats, and more. Participants will enjoy a tasting of a variety of dehydrated foods, and will have the opportunity to make a simple solar dehydrator to take home.


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