Webinar Opportunity: The "3 E's" of Education for Sustainability as a Design and Decision Making Tool

January 8, 2020

The Three E's as a Design and Decision Making Tool - Two-Part Webinar on Feb. 4 & 11, 2020 

This two-part, interactive and dynamic webinar is presented by Dr. Koh Ming Wei. Participants will make use of several senses to explore and engage with the multi-layered concepts of equity, economics and environment. Outcomes include confidence to apply the Three Es as a design and decision-making tool in personal, professional, and cultural settings.

Part 1 - Feb. 4
What are the Three Es of Sustainability?
Multiple perspectives = Multiple take-aways – how we see the Three Es
affect how they are applied. Be ready to visualize and share your
concepts of the Three Es. Homework: personal application of the Design
and Decision-making Tool.

Part 2 - Feb. 11
Deeper dive and Tool application.
We will open by discussing the homework. Next we will delve deeper
into the Three Es and application to climate change mitigation - How
the Three Es can help us decide upon and create solutions.

About the Presenter

Koh Ming Wei who has a PhD. in Sustainability Education, is an adjunct faculty of Antioch University New England for the Education Department’s Educating for Sustainability Concentration. Ming Wei is a researcher, educational consultant, curriculum developer, mmaki farmer, and distiller. Passionate about Education for Sustainability (EfS), Ming Wei integrates education for sustainability benchmarks, standards, and ecological principles into State and National Education standards in the regions she services. Ming Wei facilitates the development of climate change education projects, place-and project-based teacher practicums, and curriculum to build community resilience.

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3 E's of Education for Sustainability
3 E's of Education for Sustainability