One farmer, three forms of support

Shetler Family Farm
Potato fields at Shetler Family Farm

Occasionally, CAE will work with a client in one capacity, and realize there are many other ways that they can plug into the resources and opportunities available. Andy Shelter, of Shetler Family Farm, is one of those clients who we are fortunate to work with in many ways. He has taken advantage of a business builder loan through the VT Farm Fund, worked with our business advisor on a business plan and marketing strategy, and sells produce to JustCut, CAE’s farm to institution program. 

Through the JustCut program, CAE is able to increase access to local foods in schools, hospitals, and institutions throughout Vermont. For farmers like Shetler, the program offers a previously inaccessible market for his produce. This full network of opportunities is a common theme that we work with at CAE. How can we listen to your story, and help to provide a network of opportunity – and different access points into the local food system and supportive services. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with many different businesses that work to keep the local food system grounded, thriving, and accessible.