Farm Connex Goes to DC

Farm Connex (FX) provided the critical, properly cooled and stored distribution for Taste of Vermont products, delivering over 2,600 pounds of local Vermont food from 20 different farms and food producers throughout the state to Washington, DC. Six of the 20 producers are clients that Farm Connex works with on a regular basis. 









Photos above by Corey Hennessey | L: Sunrise on the road | R: Bob Duggan driving the Farm Connex Truck
Farm Connex logistics extraordinaire, Meryl Friets, attended the event but also organized the aggregation and distribution for all of the products: “I [had] been working behind the scenes for months, as Farm Connex was asked to do the freight service! This was a huge honor and an even more significant undertaking. Initial conversations with producers focused on how much product they were sending, where they were located, and the handling requirements. Subsequent conversations nailed down details about pickup, and then it was time to start picking things up! Over the course of about a week, our trucks went to many corners of the state to meet these producers and bring their precious products back here to the FX warehouse [in Hardwick]. Farm Connex is fortunate to have trucks that have dual reefers, allowing us to run part of the truck as frozen and part as refrigerated. The last products arrived here in our warehouse on a Saturday evening (November 4) and were spun right around and loaded onto the truck headed for DC Sunday morning (November 5)!”













Photos above by Corey Hennessey | L: Bob Duggan in front of Supreme Court Building | R: On the road, D.C. to VT
Farm Connex delivery driver, Bob Duggan, set out on the multi-day journey  from our FX Warehouse in Hardwick to Washington DC with Deputy Director of CAE and on-the-road navigator, Corey Hennessey, on Sunday, November 5. With many Farm Connex trucks on the road six days a week, transporting the goods on an off-day allowed Farm Connex to both take advantage of lighter traffic and continue its regular routes without interruption. With a much-needed break in between, which included some fabulous weather and incredible sight-seeing, Bob and Corey then turned the ship back around, landing in time to put that vehicle back into regular service. They also returned with some renewed appreciation for Vermont “traffic!” In the words of Bob Duggan: “The Cross Bronx Expressway is fun.”

The Center for the Agricultural Economy is honored to have provided the critical component of transportation of local foods to Taste of Vermont. As Bob Duggan aptly summarized, “I was proud to [drive the truck]. [It was] great to be able to serve Vermont and the local food movement in Vermont.”