Chop, chop,chop. Behind the scenes at Just Cut

It’s the beet 😉 of the Raw Kitchen every time the Just Cut team is at work in CAE’s Vermont Food Venture Center. Each week the team will process thousands of pounds of produce for area institutions - hospitals, colleges, supervisory union, etc.  The produce in question is as locally sourced as possible and includes carrots, cabbage, beets, potatoes and when in season, blueberries. Each of which will be washed, diced or shredded if needed, and packaged either as a fresh or frozen product. It’s an impressive show of efficiency watching the team work and the speed at which they are able to process produce - in the short  time I was visiting, they must have processed at least 100 pounds of potatoes in the following 5 extremely well choreographed steps:

Image shows the step by step process of processing potatoes.