Other Meat

Meat that does not meet the definition of red meat or poultry may fall into the category of exotic animals 

Inspection for exotic animals is voluntary and the full law can be found here.  


For voluntary inspection of Rabbits you can refer to 9 CFR 354. If not voluntarily inspected, Rabbits are regulated by FDA and there is no slaughter inspection. Producers of Rabbit meat should be registered as a food producer with FDA and prepare them in accordance with 21 USC 117, the current good manufacturing procedures.

In Vermont, if a rabbit producer wishes to sell to restaurants in VT then they must have an approved facility which is monitored by VT Meat Inspection. The facility is a two room set-up with one room for stun, bleed, and skin. The carcass is then passed through an opening to the second room for evisceration, washing, chilling, packaging and labeling. The facility must have surfaces impervious to moisture and washable for the floors, walls and ceilings, hot and cold running water, acceptable equipment and no exposed wood.  The facility must have an acceptable wastewater system.

Questions about what regulations you need to follow? Contact Randy Quenneville at the Vermont Department of Ag randy.quenneville@vermont.gov 802-828-2426