Manufactured Product with Poultry

To process poultry into another product (whether raw or fully cooked):

  • Your product and facility must be inspected by the Vermont Agency of Ag or USDA (Vermont Agency of Ag inspects on behalf of the USDA)
  • You may need a meat handler's license
  • One person involved in the processing must be HACCP trained
  • You must develop a HACCP plan
  • Ensure that the manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA
  • Contact your Regional Permit Specialist with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure you have the proper wastewater permit

Depending on how you are selling your product you may need to:

  • Acquire a license through the Vermont Health Department, Call (802) 863-7221
  • To sell meat outside of Vermont, you must have meat inspected by the USDA


  • If you are processing poultry for products that you are selling in your own retail store, you will need to obtain a Wholesale License through the Vermont Agency of Ag and follow guidelines through the Vermont Health Department for manufacturing practices.  
  • If your product has a composition of meat that is less than 2% cooked or 3% raw, it is not regulated by the USDA.
  • Chicken bone broth is exempt from USDA inspection, unless you are using the broth in a USDA/VTDA inspected product with other inspected meat.  


The Mad River Food Hub provides consulting services for meat processors and is a USDA inspected facility.

Questions about what regulations you need to follow? Contact Randy Quenneville at the Vermont Department of Ag 802-828-2426