Juiced Fruit or Vegetables

If you are selling Juice wholesale:

  • If your gross sales are greater than $10,000 per year you will need a Food Processing License from the Vermont Health Department (call 802-863-7221). Your processing facility must meet the guidelines as explained in the Good Manufacturing Practices Document.
  • You must complete a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. Contact Robert Manfredi with the Vermond Department of Health for guidance.  Robert.Manfredi@vermont.gov or 802-773-3055
  • You must ensure that the manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA 
  • Contact your Regional Permit Specialist with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure you have the proper wastewater permit

Note: if you use juice as part of your product, the juice you are using must have been produced under the requirements above.

If you are a retailer:

  • Retail establishment license with the Vermont Health Department
  • Follow FDA's Food Code

FDA Defines retailer as: "A retail establishment is an operation that only provides juice directly to consumers. "Provides" includes storing, preparing, packaging, serving, and vending. A retail establishment does not include an establishment that sells or distributes juice to other business entities as well as directly to consumers."


Developing a HACCP Plan

Omar Oyarzabal - UVM Extension Food Safety Specialist

FDA Guidance for Juice

FDA Juice HACCP regulations

Juice Labels

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) from the FDA is starting to require a Preventive Controls and food safety plan from food businesses.  The compliance dates vary according to the size of your business. Very Small Businesses (less than $1 million in sales) have a compliance date of August 30, 2018.  Very Small Businesses and Qualified Facilities (selling less then $500,000 per year and at least half of the sales from customers within a 275 mile range) can qualify for modified requirements.  There are also exemptions for on-farm processing for particular products (listed on page 21 of this document).