Other Beverages

Beverages that are not water are regulated by the Vermont Department of Health and FDA

For all beverage producers:

  • Call the Vermont Department of Health to ensure you have the proper license (802) 863-7221 (Note that your beverage product may not be regulated by the Health Department, but it is important to call and check)
  • Check the FDA regulations specific to your industry (if any)
  • You must ensure that the manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA
  • Contact your Regional Permit Specialist with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure you have the proper wastewater permit

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) from the FDA is starting to require a Preventive Controls and food safety plan from food businesses.  The compliance dates vary according to the size of your business. Very Small Businesses (less than $1 million in sales) have a compliance date of August 30, 2018.  Very Small Businesses and Qualified Facilities (selling less then $500,000 per year and at least half of the sales from customers within a 275 mile range) can qualify for modified requirements.  There are also exemptions for on-farm processing for particular products (listed on page 21 of this document).