Vermont Equipment Access Program

CAE provides support to finance your specialized food equipment through an innovative revolving lease fund administered by the Vermont Community Loan Fund

VCF equipment loans

Available to food processing clients of the Mad River Food Hub or the Vermont Food Venture Center, the EAP is designed to accelerate business growth by providing timely leases for specialized food production equipment. 

If you meet all of the following criteria, you should consider applying for the EAP:

  • Applicant is a Value Added Food Processor with a business registered and located in Vermont
  • Applicant has been a customer of the Vermont Food Venture Center (VFVC) and/or Mad River Food Hub (MRFH) for a period of not less than 3 months and has shown commitment to seeking technical assistance, attending workshops, and establishing positive business relationships
  • Applicant directly or indirectly sources ingredients for their value added food processing from local farms/producers (Vermont plus 30 miles)
  • Applicant's annual revenue is greater than $20,000
  • Applicant intends to use the leased equipment in Vermont
  • Applicant’s required equipment lease amount is in excess of $5,000

Apply now! An external review committee made up of business and agricultural experts across the state will be responsible for reviewing your application and recommending your lease.