Kevin Hudnell

Picture of Kevin Hudnell

Finance Manager

What excites you about your work and the work of CAE?
"I love engaging with so many parts of the agricultural community through all of CAE's programs, and getting to hear about the impact all of our staff have had throughout that community. It's great to be out doing something that seems entirely disconnected from work, mention my job, and inevitably have someone respond, "Oh, I know your coworker ___, and they're amazing!""

What brings you joy?
"Outside of work, I love hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, and gardening whenever the weather is above freezing. At work I derive an unreasonable amount of happiness from well-designed Excel formulas."

What brings you hope?
"My time at CAE has introduced me to so many people (both in the organizations and in the wider community) who are doing so much to make Vermont more resilient, more self-sufficient, and more sustainable."