Helen Beattie

Board Co-Chair

Helen most recently served as the founder and Executive Director of Vermont-based UP for Learning (Unleashing the Power of Partnership for Learning) and is currently a Senior Consultant for the organization.  As a licensed School Psychologist and Educational Consultant, she has specialized in strategies to build school cultures in which youth are both engaged and empowered as learners and change agents.  Her professional path reflects a life-long passion for elevating the voices of those who feel disempowered and voiceless, either in the health or education realms.  When she first moved to Hardwick in 1986 she served as the Director of Northern Counties Health Centers.  This experience with the Hardwick and Greensboro Health Centers, and others throughout the Kingdom, seeded her deep respect for the resilience, compassion and ingenuity of communities in this region. Her later experience as a School Psychologist in this same region, has contributed to her commitment to the community and equitable access to resources.