Fawn Wells-Maxfield

Picture of an orange dahlia

Just Cut Production Manager


What excites you about your work and the work of CAE?
I am so excited to be a part of the team here at CAE. Having a background in Culinary and agriculture I am looking forward to being able to utilize the knowledge I have gained in a combined environment where we work with local farmers to help produce and distribute their product while bring awareness to our surrounding communities of a farm to plate economy.

What brings you joy (work or otherwise)?
I have always been very family oriented and working with a team where we communicate, work together and enjoy what we do while building that family based working environment

What brings you hope (work or otherwise)?
I love being a mom and watching my boys grow into the wonderful, caring individuals they have become. It's an amazing journey I feel blessed to be a part of. The journey of discovery and adventure knowing they have the world at their feet with endless possibilities and listening to them talk about what they look forward to, what excites them about their future and the superhero's they can become in their own way.