Fan Watkinson

Fan was the Program Manager at Gaining Ground, a non-profit, regenerative farm growing produce exclusively for hunger relief. She organized the scheduling of several thousand volunteers and the distribution of 150,000 pounds of fresh produce annually to a dozen food pantries in eastern Massachusetts. In addition, she coordinated outreach and events, the most memorable being a traditional barn raising with two hundred community volunteers.

As part of Sustainable Business Network, Fan co-founded the first Boston Local Food Festival, a zero waste "healthy local food for all" event for 30,000 attendees, the Boston Local Food Trade Show connecting farms to institutions, and a series of ALLocalDinners in local restaurants. Fan has been a long term board member at Codman Community Farms in Lincoln, MA, a working farm rotationally grazing livestock to regenerate the land while producing locally grown food and community educational opportunities. 

First introduced to CAE's vision for the NEK in 2009, Fan is delighted to now be living in Greensboro.