Corey Hennessey

Picture of Corey Hennessy

Special Projects Manager


What excites you about your work and the work of CAE?
Dreaming up better, more equitable ways to get local food into the hands (and mouths?) of our community.

What brings you joy (work or otherwise)?
The tangible things... Like the magic of watching a full warehouse transform into an empty one! I also love working with a team who dives into the hard work we do every day with equal parts gusto, heart and humor. "It takes a village" as they say, and this is a village I am proud to be a part of.

What brings you hope (work or otherwise)?
Knowing that while we all bring different perspectives to this conversation around local food access and economic prosperity - we are fundamentally aligned in our desire to effect meaningful change in a veritable "goliath" of a system. Our unique perspectives, skills and experience only make us stronger as a resource and a community!